Nuclear Science User Facilities 42 RTE 3rd Call PI Name Institution Title Facility Assel Aitkaliyeva University of Florida Investigation of fuel-cladding chemical interaction (FCCI) in irradiated U-Pu-Zr fuel Idaho National Laboratory Brad Baker United States Naval Academy Characterization of RadiationTolerance of Advanced JoiningTechniques for Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels under Ion Irradiation Center for Advanced Energy Studies Carl Boehlert Michigan State University In-situ investigation of theThreshold Incubation Dose for the formation of c-component loops in additively manu- factured and powder metallurgy rolled Ti-6Al-4V Argonne National Laboratory Leonard Brillson Ohio State University Neutron Irradiation of Ga2O3 to Identify Native Point Defects Ohio State University Fabiola Cappia Idaho National Laboratory Electron microscopy characterization of fast reactor MOX joint oxyde-gaine (JOG) Idaho National Laboratory David Carpenter Massachusetts Institute of Technology Microstructural characterization of grain boundaries in Hastelloy N corroded in molten FLiBe salt under neutron irradiation Idaho National Laboratory Cristian Contescu Oak Ridge National Laboratory Micro-structural investigation of the pore structure of uncrept and crept irradiated PCEA graphite specimens with SEM and FIB tomography Oak Ridge National Laboratory Bai Cui University of Nebraska Irradiation Damage in (Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2Nb0.2Ti0.2)C High- Entropy Ceramics Center for Advanced Energy Studies Christian Deck General Atomics Non-destructive X-ray computed tomog- raphy analysis of SiC composite tubes neutron-irradiated with and without a high radial heat flux Oak Ridge National Laboratory Philip Edmondson Oak Ridge National Laboratory Understanding the local atomic struc- ture in variable composition, irradiated perovskites Brookhaven National Laboratory David Estrada Boise State University Neutron Irradiation and Activation of Fe, Co and Ni Aerosol Jet Printed Structures Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology