Nuclear Science User Facilities 34 RTE 1st Call PI Name Institution Title Facility Nathan Almirall University of California, Santa Barbara Atom ProbeTomography Investigations of nm-Scale Precipitates in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels in the UCSB AdvancedTest Reactor (ATR-2) Neutron Irradiation Experiment Center for Advanced Energy Studies Maria Auger University of Oxford Post-irradiation analysis at the nanoscale of 14YWT after high dose (16.6 dpa) neutron irradiation at 386C and 412C Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mukesh Bachhav Idaho National Laboratory Understanding the role of grain boundary character in segregation behavior of solute elements in neutron irradiated 304 SS using Atom ProbeTomography. Center for Advanced Energy Studies Nicholas Brown Pennsylvania State University Kinetics of irradiation defect annealing and thermal conductivity recovery in silicon carbide at high temperature Oak Ridge National Laboratory Matthew Cook University of Florida Fission Product Distribution Comparison in Irradiated and SafetyTested AGR-1 and AGR-2TRISO Fuel Particles University of Florida James Edgar Kansas State University Transmutation doping of hexagonal boron nitride Ohio State University David Estrada Boise State University Ion irradiation of Aerosol Jet Printed Cu, Ag, and Ni Structures University of Michigan Rodney Ewing Stanford University In situ study of “rim effect” microstructure modification of nuclear fuels (resubmitted) Argonne National Laboratory David Frazer University of California, Berkeley ElevatedTemperature In-situ SEM micro compression of UO2 University of California, Berkeley AWARDED PROJECTS