2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 37 PI Name Institution Title Facility JulieTucker Oregon State University Micro-mechanical characterization of long range order in Ni-Cr alloys and their response to radiation damage University of California, Berkeley Jean Claude Van Duysen University of Tennessee In Situ Straining of 10-dpa Neutron Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steels using Scanning Electron Microscope Electron Backscatter Diffraction Oak Ridge National Laboratory IsabellaVan Rooyen Idaho National Laboratory In-situ HighTemperature Ion Irradiation Transmission Electron Microscopy to Understand Fission ProductTransport in Silicon Carbide ofTRISO Fuel Sandia National Laboratories Janelle Wharry Purdue University Extension andValidation of RateTheory Model of Nanocluster Irradiation Evolution: AnAtom ProbeTomography Study Center for Advanced Energy Studies Karl Whittle University of Liverpool Interfacial Effects, Damage and Recovery in Binary Carbides Argonne National Laboratory YongYang University of Florida Understand the Fission Products Behavior and Irradiation Effects in UCO Fuel Kernels of Irradiated AGR-1 and AGR-2 TRISO Fuel Particles UsingTitanThemis 200 with ChemiSTEM Capability Idaho National Laboratory KaylaYano Purdue University TEM in situ 4-point bend fracture testing of irradiated ODS alloys Center for Advanced Energy Studies Tom Zega University of Arizona In situ Ion Irradiation of a SiC composite using a MEMS-based Heating Holder Argonne National Laboratory Xinghang Zhang Purdue University Radiation response of nanostructured steels with various types of defect sinks Argonne National Laboratory Steven Zinkle University of Tennessee Irradiation-induced precipitation/ segregation in dual-phase Al0.3CoCrFeNi alloy Center for Advanced Energy Studies