2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 41 PI Name Institution Title Facility Jonathan Tatman Electric Power Research Institute Advanced microstructural and nano- hardness characterization of low penetra- tion pulsed-laser weldments performed on highly activated neutron irradiated stainless steel Oak Ridge National Laboratory Athanasia Tzelepi National Nuclear Laboratory ElectronTomography Characterisation of Porosity in IG-110 and NBG-17 Nuclear Graphite Grades Oak Ridge National Laboratory Haiming Wen Missouri University of Science & Technology Nanostructuring to enhance irradiation tolerance of ferritic/martensitic Grade 91 steels University of Wisconsin Janelle Wharry Purdue Univer- sity Irradiated Microstructure Evolution in Cast Compared to PM-HIP Alloy 625 Westinghouse Walter Williams Purdue Univer- sity In-Situ Phase Analysis of PhaseTransitions in U-(6, 10, 20, 30) wt%Zr Fresh Fuels. Los Alamos National Laboratory GeYang North Carolina State University Positron annihilation lifetime spectros- copy investigation of vacancy-related defects in room-temperature radiation detector material CdZnTe North Carolina State University ZefengYu University of Wisconsin TEM/EDS study of Nb redistribution in ZrNb alloys following proton irradiation Idaho National Laboratory Dalong Zhang Oak Ridge National Laboratory Effects of Welding on Radiation-Enhanced Precipitation in FeCrAl Alloys Center for Advanced Energy Studies