Nuclear Science User Facilities 16 Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) IMCL’sTEM offers an accelerating voltage range of 80 to 200 KV, 0.16 nm resolution, X-FEG high brightness Schottky source, four windowless silicon drift detectors and very fast data acquisition, all to mean that this TEM provides researchers a better, more accurate picture more quickly. Detectors are interlocked to shutters to shield in case of high gamma dose rate from specimens. It features a piezo-electric specimen stage with single tilt, low background double tilt, high-angle single tilt-rotate tomog- raphy holders, and on-axis bright field, dark field and high angle annular dark field STEM detectors with the capability to display multiple image signals simultaneously. For imaging, the unit incorporates a 4k x 4k 16-bit CMOS camera.The TEM provides atomic-scale imaging and chemical analysis that is comple- mentary to SEM and Atom Probe Tomography, and provides a platform for many in situ experiments, including mechanical testing, observation of corrosion processes in environmental cells, heating above 1000° C and cooling to cryogenic temperatures. Analyses in theTEM are on a scale consistent with atomistic modeling, and when coupled with modeling and simulation, provide a more funda- mental understanding of the processes that drive fuel and material behavior. Transmission Electron Microscope