2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 65 Distributed Partnership at a Glance NSUF and Partners Facilities and Capabilities Idaho National Laboratory AdvancedTest Reactor (ATR) Collaborators Australian Nuclear Science andTechnology Organisation Dhriti Bhattacharyya (collaborator) Brookhaven National Laboratory D. J. Sprouster (collaborator), Lynne Ecker (collaborator) Idaho National Laboratory Jim Cole (principal investigator) Los Alamos National Laboratory Stuart Maloy (collaborator) University of California, Santa Barbara G. R. Odette (principal investigator), Nathan Almirall (collaborator), Peter Wells (collaborator),TakuyaYamamoto (collaborator) University of Michigan Emmanuelle Marquis (collaborator) University of Wisconsin Dane Morgan (collaborator) itation morphologies:An example in the Fe-Cu-Mn-Ni-Si system, Acta Materialia 157 (2018) 298- 306. (0) [5.] H Ke, P Wells, PD Edmondson, N Almirall, L Barnard, GR Odette and D. Morgan,Thermodynamic and kinetic modeling of Mn-Ni- Si precipitates on low-Cu reactor pressure vessel steels,Acta Mate- rialia 138 (2017) 10-26 (8) [6.] M Bachhav, GR Odette and EA Marquis,Alpha prime precipita- tion in neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr alloys, Scripta Materialia 74 (2014) 48-51(49) [7.] M Bachhav, LYao, GR Odette and EA Marquis, Microstructural changes in a neutron-irradiated Fe-6at%Cr alloy, Journal of Nuclear Materials 453 1-3 (2014) 334-339 (14) [8.] M Bachhav, GR Odette and EA Marquis, Microstructural changes in a neutron-irradiated Fe- 15at%Cr alloy, Journal of Nuclear Materials 454 1-3 (2014) 381- 386 (14) [9.] ER Reese, M Bachhav, PB Wells, TYamamoto, GR Odette, EA Marquis, On α′ precipitate compo- sition in thermally annealed and neutron-irradiated Fe- 9-18Cr al- loys, Journal of Nuclear Materials 500 (2018) 192-198. (2) [10.] ER Reese, N Almirall,TYama- moto, STumey, GR Odette, EA Marquis, Dose rate depen- dence of Cr precipitation in an ion-irradiated Fe 18Cr alloy”, Scripta Materialia 146 (2018) 213-217. (2) [11.] JH Ke, ER Reese, EA Marquis, GR Odette, DD Morgan. Flux effects in precipitation under irradiation – Simulation of Fe- Cr alloys,Acta Materialia 164 (2019) 586-601(0) [12.] SA Maloy,TA Saleh, O Anderog- lu,TJ Romero, GR Odette et al., Characterization and compara- tive analysis of the tensile prop- erties of five tempered martens- itic steels and an oxide disper- sion strengthened ferritic alloy irradiated at approximate to 295 degrees C to approximate to 6.5 dpa, Journal of Nuclear Materi- als 468 (2016) 232-239 (7)* [13.] DL Krumwiede,TYamamoto,TA Saleh, SA Maloy, GR Odette, P. Hosemann, Direct comparison of nanoindentation and tensile test results on reactor- irradiated materials, Journal of Nuclear Materials 504 (2018) 135-143. (2) [14.] CD Hardie, GR Odette,Y.Wu, S.Akhmadaliev, SG Roberts, Mechanical properties and plasticity size effect of Fe-6% Cr irradiated by Fe ions and by neutrons, Journal of Nuclear Materials 482 (2016) 236-247 (2) [15.] D Bhattacharyya,TYamamoto, P Wells, E Marquis, M Bachhav, Y Wu, J Davis,A Xu, GR Odette, Microstructural changes and their effect on hardening in neutron irradiated Fe-Cr alloys, Journal of Nuclear Materials (2019) accepted [16.] Y Wu, J Ciston, S Kraemer, et al, The crystal structure, orienta- tion, relationships and interfaces of the nanoscale oxides in nano- structured ferritic alloys,Acta Materialia 111 (2016) 108-115 (19)