Nuclear Science User Facilities 44 PI Name Institution Title Facility Zhenyu Fu University of Florida Understand the Fission Products Behavior and Irradiation Effects in UCO Fuel Kernels of Irradiated AGR-1 and AGR-2 TRISO Fuel Particles by Using Atom Probe Tomography Center for Advanced Energy Studies Djamel Kaoumi North Carolina State University Correlation between In-situTEM Obser- vations of Radiation Damage of an Advanced Ferritic/Martensitic Alloy under Dual-Beam Ion Irradiation and its Mechanical Properties through In-situ NanomechanicalTesting Sandia National Laboratories Takaaki Koyanagi Oak Ridge National Laboratory Post-irradiation examinations of SiC composites neutron irradiated at 300°C to 30dpa Oak Ridge National Laboratory Xiang Liu Idaho National Laboratory Investigation of the synergistic effects of dual beam irradiation in an austenitic- ferritic duplex alloy Argonne National Laboratory Ben Maier University of Wisconsin in-situTransmission Electron Microscopy during Ion-Irradiation Studies of Cold Spray Coatings for AccidentTolerant Cladding Argonne National Laboratory Brandon Miller Idaho National Laboratory In-situ high temperatureTransmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) of radiogenic He in high burnup fast reactor MOX Idaho National Laboratory Calvin Parkin University of Wisconsin IVEM Investigation of Defect Evolution in Bulk High Entropy Alloys under Single- and Dual-beam Heavy-ion Irradiation Argonne National Laboratory Riley Parrish University of Florida TEM Characterization of High Burnup MOX Fuel Idaho National Laboratory Emmanuel Perez Idaho National Laboratory Investigation of Ag, Pd, I, Ru, and Sr fission products in bulk and grain bound- aries of neutron irradiated SiC Center for Advanced Energy Studies Michael Short Massachusetts Institute of Technology In situ investigation of the thermome- chanical performance of HCP metals and Zircaloy-4 under ion beam irradiation Sandia National Laboratories Tyler Smith University of Tennessee Microstructural investigation of hydride reorientation in zirconium based spent nuclear fuel cladding Oak Ridge National Laboratory