Nuclear Science User Facilities 40 PI Name Institution Title Facility Xiaoyuan Lou Auburn University Heavy ion irradiation on SCC resistant austenitic stainless steel made by laser additive manufacturing University of Michigan Casey McKinney University of Florida EPMA Characterization of Actinide Redis- tribution and Fission Product Composi- tion in MOX Fuels Idaho National Laboratory Yinbin Miao Argonne National Laboratory Microstructural Modifications in U-10Zr Irradiated by High-Energy Xe Ions Center for Advanced Energy Studies Michael Moorehead University of Wisconsin TEM and APT Characterization of Ion-Irra- diated High-Entropy Alloys for Sodium- Cooled Fast Reactors Center for Advanced Energy Studies Riley Parrish University of Florida TEM analysis of Irradiated MOX fuel Idaho National Laboratory Christian Petrie Oak Ridge National Laboratory Active IrradiationTesting ofTemperature Sensing Capability of Clad Sapphire Optical Fibers withType 2 Bragg Gratings using Optical Backscatter Reflectometry Ohio State University Pradeep Ramuhalli Pacific North- west National Laboratory Post-irradiation Piezoelectric Property Characterization of Radiation-Tolerant Piezoelectric Materials Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Niyanth Sridharan Oak Ridge National Laboratory Evaluating void swelling and microstruc- ture evolution of additively manufactured HT9 University of Michigan James Stubbins University of Illinois A comparative study of the radiation response of Fe–12Cr, Fe–14Cr, Fe–19Cr model alloys and a Fe–14Cr ODS alloy Center for Advanced Energy Studies Qing Su University of Nebraska Atom ProbeTomography Study of Helium precipitates in amorphous/crystalline SiOC/Fe nanocomposites Center for Advanced Energy Studies Matthew Swenson University of Idaho Characterization and modeling of secondary phase evolution in an irradiated Zr-1.0Nb alloy Center for Advanced Energy Studies MingTang Los Alamos National Laboratory Radiation Stability Study on Nuclear Waste Materials Argonne National Laboratory