2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 103 Distributed Partnership at a Glance NSUF and Partners Facilities and Capabilities Argonne National Laboratory The IntermediateVoltage Electron Microscopy (IVEM) –Tandem Facility Center for Advanced Energy Studies Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS) Idaho National Laboratory AdvancedTest Reactor (ATR), Irradiation Materials Characterization Laboratory (IMCL) Illinois Institute of Technology Materials Research Collaborative AccessTeam (MRCAT) facility at Argonne National Labora- tory’s Advanced Photon Source North Carolina State University PULSTAR Reactor Facility Oak Ridge National Laboratory Low Activation Materials Design and Analysis Laboratory (LAMDA) University of California, Berkeley Nuclear Materials Laboratory Collaborators Argonne National Laboratory CarolynTomchik (collaborator), Jonathan Almer (collaborator), Jun-Sang Park (collaborator), Kun Mo (collaborator), Meimei Li (collaborator), Mike Billone (collaborator),Wei-Ying Chen (collaborator), Xuan Zhang (collaborator),Yinbin Miao (collaborator) Idaho National Laboratory Assel Aitkaliyeva (collaborator), Collin Knight (collaborator), Jian Gan (collaborator), Lingfeng He (collaborator), Xiang Liu (collaborator), Illinois Institute of Technology JeffTerry (collaborator) North Carolina State University Ayman Hawari (collaborator), Ming Liu (collaborator), Scott Lassell (collaborator) Los Alamos National Laboratory Stu Maloy (collaborator) University of California, Berkeley Peter Hosemann (collaborator) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign James Stubbins (principal investigator)