2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 51 Select Project REPORTS Since its inception, the NSUF has awarded over 400 access awards. Projects awarded through this program have resulted in several scientific gains. These select project reports in the following pages detail several previ- ously awarded projects including • High Fluence Embrittlement Database and ATR Irradiation Facility for LWR Vessel Life Extension (FY08, #139) • Development of UltrasonicThermom- eter at INL (FY15, CINR-15-8489) • Radial Heat Flux – Irradiation Synergism in SiC ATF Cladding (RPA-10468) • Additive Manufacturing ofThermal Sensors for In-pileThermal Conduc- tivity Measurement (FY17, CINR- 17-12527) • Post-irradiation examinations of annular mixed oxide (MOX) fuel pins for sodium fast reactors (FY18, CINR-18-12876) • Availability of well-characterized, highly-irradiated 304 stainless steel for NSUF-supported studies (FY17, RTE #938) • Neutron Irradiation Performance of Fe–Cr Base Alloys (FY08, RTE #92) • Disc Irradiation for Separate Effects Testing with Control ofTemperature (DISECT) This section contains reports on projects awarded through the NSUF and completed in FY 2018.