2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 107 Figure 2. Axial gamma scanning (Eu-154) of the four pins. power node are 59.4 GWd/tHM for K06 and K07, 59.5 GWd/tHM for L03 and 62 GWd/tHM for L08. Burnup analyses are ongoing in order to compare and verify the calcula- tions.The Cs profiles of the K-type pins are consistent and resemble the as-generated profile.A remarkable difference is visible in the behavior of Cs in the L-type pins, compared to the other two pins. Depletion of Cs has occurred in the central part of the active column, and Cs redistribution has occurred towards the end of the fuel, particularly towards the first 1/3 of the fuel length. Figure 3. Axial gamma scanning (Cs-137) of the four pins.