Nuclear Science User Facilities 64 A number of additional papers have been submitted or are nearly ready for submission, while a significant amount of post-irradiation examination and research is ongoing utilizing UCSB-1 library material in collaboration with Oxford (Roberts), UM (Marquis), LANL (Maloy), UC Berkeley (Hose- mann). It is important to emphasize that there are a large number of untapped opportunities remaining in the UCSB-1 library, and what has been accomplished to date can be considered just the tip of the iceberg. Publications [1.] PB Wells,TYamamoto, B Miller, T Milot, J Cole,Y Wu and GR Odette, Evolution of manganese- nickel-silicon-dominated phases in highly irradiated reactor pres- sure vessel steels,Acta Materialia 80 (2014) 205-219 (40) [2.] W Xiong, HB Ke, R Krish- namurthi, P Wells, L Barnard, GR Odette and D Morgan,Thermody- namic models of low-temperature Mn-Ni-Si precipitation in reactor pressure vessel steels, MRS Com- munications 4-3 (2014) 101-105 (10) [3.] DJ Sprouster, J Sinsheimer, E Dooryhee, SK Gosh P Wells,T Stan, GR Odette and L Ecker, Structural characterization of nanoscale intermetallic precipi- tates in highly neutron irradiated reactor pressure vessel steels, Scripta Materialia 113 (2016) 18-22 (14) [4.] S Shu, PB Wells, N Almirall, GR Odette, and DD Morgan,Thermo- dynamics and kinetics of core- shell versus appendage co-precip- Figure 8. Fast Fourier transformation power spectra patterns for the oxide nanoparticles in indicating the presence of Y2Ti2O7. Figure 8e is for MA957 following irradiation in the UCSB-2 experiment.