Nuclear Science User Facilities 12 INSTRUMENTATION ADDED IMCL Located at Idaho National Labo- ratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex, the 12,000-square- foot Irradiated Materials Characteriza- tion Laboratory (IMCL) has acquired several key pieces of equipment in 2018, all aimed at enabling researchers to prepare and conduct microstructural-level investigations of the behavior of irradiated nuclear fuels and materials. Completed in 2012, IMCL is the newest building at MFC, longtime home of the Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF), which for decades has performed post- irradiation examination of irradiated samples in two large, heavily shielded, argon-filled hot cells. IMCL was designed from the outset to house state-of-the-art scientific instruments, evolving as instrument capabilities improved over time. Each instrument is housed in an indepen- dent modular radiological shielding and confinement system to isolate the user from radiation. It is no coincidence that the vision for the laboratory dates back to the same time of NSUF’s founding with INL’s AdvancedTest Reactor as the first user facility. Just as ATR is available to users across the United States for irradiation of fuel and material samples, IMCL provides a national resource for post- irradiation examination and analysis. Thermal Property Measurement Cell