2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 39 RTE 2nd Call PI Name Institution Title Facility Thomas Blue Ohio State University High Fluence IrradiationTesting of Fiber Optic MaterialTransmission Oak Ridge National Laboratory Nicholas Brown Pennsylvania State University Novel Microstructure Characterization of Pre-Hydrided ZIRLO® at Low Neutron Doses Oak Ridge National Laboratory Timothy Burchell Oak Ridge National Laboratory TEM investigation of irradiation, irradia- tion creep and thermal annealing effects in nuclear graphite Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mahmut Cinbiz Oak Ridge National Laboratory Characterization of Neutron-Irradiated Zr-1Nb-O Using ScanningTransmission Electron Microscopy Idaho National Laboratory Fabio Di Fonzo Italian Institute ofTechnology Controlling the kinetics of radiation induced crystallization in nanoceramics by doping Argonne National Laboratory Ben Eftink Los Alamos National Laboratory Study on defect evolution and stability ofY-Ti-O nano-oxides in 14YWT alloys under heavy ion irradiation Argonne National Laboratory Mohamed Elbakhshwan University of Wisconsin Radiation Damage in High Entropy Alloys University of Wisconsin David Frazer University of California, Berkeley High temperature in-situ small-scale mechanical testing of fast reactor mixed oxide (MOX) pins. Idaho National Laboratory Elizabeth Getto United States Naval Academy RadiationTolerance of Advanced Joining Techniques for Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Steels under Ion Irradiation Center for Advanced Energy Studies Lingfeng He Idaho National Laboratory Microstructural characterization of trans- mutation nitride fuels for fast reactors Idaho National Laboratory Maik Lang University of Tennessee The study of local atomic structure and formation of ceramic phase in a simplified nuclear waste glasses Brookhaven National Laboratory Ju Li Massachusetts Institute of Technology In-situTEM study of radiation and oxidation tolerance of MAX-phase-like materials Argonne National Laboratory Dong Liu University of Oxford In situ Study of the Irradiation Anisotropy in Fine Grain Nuclear-grade Graphite Argonne National Laboratory