2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 127 Figure 7. (a) Loading of a U-10Zr fuel foil into the Zr specimen holder. (b) U-Zr foil placed in bottom of specimen holder. (c) Holder top inserted prior to being welded shut for atmospheric containment. (Foil protrusion shown for visualization only.) Distributed Partnership at a Glance NSUF and Partners Facilities and Capabilities Center for Advanced Energy Studies Microscopy and Characterization Suite Idaho National Laboratory Fuels and Applied Sciences Building, Experimental Fuels Facility, and Electron Microscopy Laboratory Purdue University Interaction of Materials with Particles and ComponentsTesting (IMPACT) Experimental Facility SCK•CEN Belgian Reactor 2 Collaborators Idaho National Laboratory Cody Hale (collaborator), Daniel Wachs (co-principal investigator), Mike Sprenger (collaborator), Tom Maddock (collaborator) Purdue University Maria Okuniewski (co-principal investigator), Walter Williams (co-principal investigator) SCK•CEN Ann Leaners (collaborator), Emre Sikik (collab- orator), GeertVan den Branden (collaborator), Gitte Borghmans (collaborator), Patrice Jacquet (collaborator), StevenVan Dyck (collaborator), Sven van den Berghe (co-principal investigator)