Nuclear Science User Facilities 48 CINR - NSUF Access Only PI Name Organization NEUP Title Project Description Assel Aitkaliyeva University of Florida 18-14704: Facilitating MARMOT Modeling of Radiation Phenomena in U-Pu-Zr fuels through experiments (MORPH experiment) Researchers will increase the funda- mental understanding of irradiation- induced metallic U-Pu-Zr fuel behavior and to obtain data needed for the development of irradiation models for metallic fuels in MARMOT.The project requests access to PIE facilities at NSUF partner facility to conduct examination of irradiated metallic fuels with the goal of providing foundational understanding of the radiation behavior in metallic fuels needed to inform the development of MARMOT models. Kevin Field Oak Ridge National Laboratory 18-14717: Rapid Simulation of Irradia- tion Damage in PWR Internals Researchers will demonstrate that ion irradiation can grow an existing damage microstructure to higher dose levels such that the doses provided by self-ion and neutron irradiation produces the same microstructure. Ramprashad Prabhakaran Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 18-14787: High-dose ion irradiation testing and relevant post-irradiation examination of friction-stir-welded ODS MA956 alloy ‚Äč Researchers will perform higher-dose ion irradiation on neutron irradiated and unirradiated friction stir welded (FSW) MA956 alloy to understand microstruc- tural evolution and radiation-hardening. The study will use ion irradiations and examination to understand and compare the effects of ion, neutron and neutron+ion irradiations.