2018 | ANNUAL REPORT 45 PI Name Institution Title Facility Lance Snead Stony Brook University Determining Annealing Kinetics of SiC to Enable in LWR Accident Modeling Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology Qing Su University of Nebraska Radiation tolerance of nanostructured amorphous/crystalline SiOC/Fe(Cr) nanocomposites Texas A&M University Jonova Thomas Purdue Univer- sity 3D Microstructural Assessment of Irradi- ated and Control U-10Zr Fuels Idaho National Laboratory JulieTucker Oregon State University Synchrotron XRD characterization of long range order in Ni-Cr alloys formed by isothermal aging or irradiation Brookhaven National Laboratory Gary Was University of Michigan Microstructure Analysis of High Dose Neutron Irradiated Alloys Oak Ridge National Laboratory Walter Williams Idaho National Laboratory Phase Evolution of Uranium-Zirconium Alloys Under In-SituTEM Heating Idaho National Laboratory Thierry Wiss European Commission Grain Size Effects on He and Xe behavior in UO2 andThO2 Argonne National Laboratory Takuya Yamamoto University of California, Santa Barbara APT Characterization of RPV Steels from the UCSB ATR-2 Neutron Irradiation Experiment Center for Advanced Energy Studies Xuan Zhang Argonne National Laboratory Investigation of theTensile-Deformed Microstructure of a Neutron-Irradiated Type 316 Stainless Steel Specimen Center for Advanced Energy Studies Dalong Zhang Oak Ridge National Laboratory In-situTEM deformation of neutron irradiated FeCrAl alloys Center for Advanced Energy Studies Steven Zinkle University of Tennessee Investigation of neutron irradiation effects on Zr based bulk metallic glass (BMG) via advanced in situ mechanical testing and microstructural analysis Oak Ridge National Laboratory