Nuclear Science User Facilities 36 PI Name Institution Title Facility Maria Okuniewski Purdue University Synchrotron X-ray Characterization of the Microstructural Evolution of UAlloys Irradiated to Low Fluences Brookhaven National Laboratory Riley Parrish University of Florida Microstructural characterization of ~7% burn-up MOX fuel Idaho National Laboratory Ramprashad Prabhakaran Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Mechanical characterization of three heats (ORNL, LANL and EBR II) of HT-9 after side-by-side neutron irradiation at LWR and fast reactor relevant temperatures Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Koroush Shirvan Massachusetts Institute of Technology Understanding the Mechanism of Thermal-Hydraulic Enhancement On Gamma Irradiated Nuclear Materials Interfaces Sandia National Laboratories Michael Short Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investigation of radiation-generated phases in FeCrSi alloys for multimetallic layered composite (MMLC) for LWR fuel cladding Center for Advanced Energy Studies Charlyne Smith University of Florida Atom probe tomography of fission gas bubble superlattice in U-Mo fuel Center for Advanced Energy Studies James Spicer Johns Hopkins University Understanding the mechanism for mesopore development in irradiated graphite by high resolution gas adsorption measurements (N2 and Kr at 77 K) Oak Ridge National Laboratory James Stubbins University of Illinois Microstructure characterization of neutron-irradiated Fe-Cr-C model alloys Idaho National Laboratory Matthew Swenson University of Idaho Irradiation-induced solute clustering behavior in ferritic/martensitic alloyT91 Center for Advanced Energy Studies Jonova Thomas Purdue University Microstructural Phase Characterization of Irradiated and Control U-10Zr Fuels Idaho National Laboratory KevinTolman Idaho National Laboratory Towards characterizing the microstructural evolution in nuclear fuel via neutron diffraction Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology